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Are you feeling stressed, overwhelmed by a fast paced world, looking for personal insights into your life, or seeking emotional and spiritual support and assistance in your growth and transformation? If you have been referred by a friend or simply found your way here by other means you will find some helpful tools, wonderful gifts and gentle, loving support to assist you in your journey.

"The Center"

The Center for Transformation is a safe, nurturing, sacred space created and facilitated by Susan Brockmeier to help assist you in your personal healing, growth and insight... a place to step out of the illusion of chaos and into the reality of peace and calm, and help you gain insights into your own life and everyday challenges. This heart centered space holds sacred energy and vibrations that can assist you in reconnecting with your divine center and inner peace.

Susan has been holding this loving space for healing and insight since 1992. She is dedicated to the improvement and well-being of each and every individual. Her commitment is to provide safe and effective tools for emotional, mental and physical well-being. Her approach is one of offering herself as a strongly spiritual, compassionate, inspired healer who offers the wisdom of infinite possibility and embraces the divine in her work to meet your needs. Susan's goal is to acknowledge, celebrate, support, and encourage you to express your true essence. To facilitate this, she allows divine guidance to come through her to create your own unique blend of healing and insight using but not limited to any of the following services:

Your Personal Invitation

If you found your way to this website and the information and vibration call to you, I invite you to pick up the phone and call and see if there is a way that I can be of assistance and service to you in your growth and personal transformation.

Susan Brockmeier


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The mission of the Center for Transformation is to provide a sacred space for transformation and to assist others on their path as they come to "remember who they really are".