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Susan Brockmeier in a Namaste pose during sunset over St. Louis /Center For Transformation
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Namaste!  Welcome!  Greetings!


I’m glad you’re here. are you?


Are you feeling stressed?

Overwhelmed by your fast-paced world, your work or relationships?

Are you seeking guidance and healing, emotional or
spiritual support? Are you ready for growth and transformation? 


If so, I am here with helpful tools and gentle nurturing 

for your mind, body and spirit.


Welcome once again, I'm Susan at The Center For Transformation.

Susan Brockmeier. I took this butterfly pic out in nature, a beautifu symbol for transfromation.

How can I best serve you?

The Center for Transformation is a heart-centered place created just for you. It is a serene, nurturing, loving space that I've held since 1992.

This sacred space holds vibrations to assist you in reconnecting to your 

Divine center and inner peace.


Here you can step out of your world of chaos and into the reality of health,

happiness, emotional calmness and peace.  
Here you can gain valuable insights into your life and everyday challenges.

You will find me here, located in St. Louis.



What I do

For over 30 years I have provided healing and insight. I work as a conduit and teacher following Divine guidance, so my work is tailored specifically to meet

your unique and special needs.  
These following services are used as tools to facilitate your healing,
wisdom,  joy, and understanding.

To further your spiritual growth and transformation, I offer classes in Reiki, Breathwork, and Tarot, either individually or in groups.

Services are available in-person, by phone, or Zoom.

Susan Brockmeier in a Namanste pose with light behind her.
My promise

I am committed to showing up strong, compassionate, and spiritually supportive. My goal is to acknowledge, empower and encourage you to express your true essence. I choose to celebrate your improvement and well-being with you, as you tap into infinite possibilities.

I’d love to work with you

If you're an open-minded,  spiritual seeker who appreciates the

value of personal growth, allow me to be to be your guide.  
You deserve happiness and inner peace. I believe you're where

you're meant to be and I look forward to talking with you soon.
I invite you to pick up the phone and let's explore how I might be of service to you soon.


Brightest Blessings, 
Envelopes with hearts
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