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Supplements To 

A Course In Miracles Audio




MP3 download

or 3-CD Audio set 
Read By Susan Brockmeier

Susan Brockmeier Biography 



MP3 digital download..... $10

3-CD set ......................... $15








I was guided - "share the Love of God through your voice", hence this recording with my voice.


For Students of A Course In Miracles, this audio set represents an addition to The Course. An excellent companion to the deeper study of ACIM.

CD1: PSYCHOTHERAPY- Shares questions relating to the professional life of Helen Schuman, the scribe of The Course and also gives valuable information about healing.

CD2: THE SONG OF PRAYER - Gives unique and significant understanding of the use of prayer. This CD is a perfect gift for any serious student of The Course.

CD3:  CLARIFiCATION OF TERMS - Provides a clear explanation of terms as they are commonly used in The Course.


A Course in Miracles - A Supplement To A Course In Miracles 3-CD audio set read by Susan Brockmeier
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