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Rebirthing is a consciously connected,

breathing technique discovered in the 1970s

Breathwork. Taking a deep breath in.
by Leonard Orr. The name "rebirthing" came from these origins – when redwood hot tubs were used to simulate the womb.
This breathwork technique reduces stress, brings clarity and awareness to unresolved patterns and life changes and opens the doorway to bliss and joy as your birthright.

These classes are for professional Rebirther training. As a professional Rebirther, you learn the art and science of the rebirthing process. You support others as they increase their energy using their breath. You gently guide them as they release their feelings, negative thoughts and any blocked body sensations that may arise. 





Call  314 644-5223 for upcoming            Rebirthing training classes.


As their breathing coach, you learn how to identify and handle unconscious patterns that show up ...
Rebirthing deep breath
Rebirthing Classes

During either a Rebirthing or Transformational Breath class you will be guided through an experiential breathwork session within a group. In Transformational Breath Groups we will use movement and mapping (utilizing pressure points) and in the Rebirthing groups we will not. Both breathwork  modalities support you as you shift out of old patterns and into new realms of joy and clarity.

Bring a sleeping bag or comfortable blanket and dress comfortably.

Call  314 644-5223  for upcoming  group Breathwork classes.

Group Breathwork Classes 
Group Breathwork class
Trance dance
Trance Dance Classes

Utilizing the conscious connected  breathing of Transformational Breath, with evocative music and movement within the group, you will gradually shift into an trance  state. The safe container I provide for this state of consciousness allows your breath and body's cellular memory to release stored emotions and memories and to bring you to bliss and heightened awareness.

Bring a sleeping bag or comfortable blanket and dress comfortably.

Call  314 644-5223  for the most current dates for Trance Dance classes.

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