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About Me

I'm Susan Brockmeier, founder of  The Center For Transformation. Whatever service I provide, from Reiki, to Tarot, to Breathwork, Life or Business Coaching, it comes from the  Divine, intuitive and  uniquely just for you.

Susan Brockmeier in nature with trees and bright rays of sunlight streaming down.

I'm honored that your journey has brought you to me.  So until we meet, this is the story of my life and its  journey to you.

Susan Brockmeier tells her story with a beacon of bright light streaming through the trees.

My Story

Born into a metaphysical family, I learned how to use "mind over matter" to heal myself. I grew up surrendering to the Divine and accepted miracles all around me as a natural occurrence. When I was 15, I had my first astral travel experience. In my teenage years, I lived with a prodigy of Edgar Cayce as I learned to interpret dreams to resolve problems and receive information for myself  and others. I began to see spirits and energy others did not see...

Susan Brockmeier and her education with a book, trees, and sunlight.

My Education: Certifications and Training

For those who have interest, I have a long list of my professional education, certifications and training for your reading pleasure.

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