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as a divination tool and prior to that, in playing card games. Many forms of divination tools exist and there is speculation that the origins of the Tarot may even have gone back to ancient Egyptian times.

Susan Brockmeier shuffling her Tarot Card deck prior ro a reading.



Even though the origins of the Tarot are unclear we have decks in museums that date back to the mid-15th century. We know during that time, the Tarot was used 

Using the Tarot to connect with your Higher Self, you will learn Tarot as a tool to address both spiritual and practical needs.
Susan Brockmeier Tarot Deck Spread

I teach the Tarot cards with a spiritual perspective and a purely positive interpretation. Tools and exercises are explored and developed to empower your intuitive skills and abilities, as well as your education of the 78 cards of the tarot deck (the major arcana, the minor arcana - the four suits  and the four court cards of each suit). Various Tarot card spreads/layouts are learned and used to gather more specific information and details. Handouts, and homework are given with your lessons.

About Lessons

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