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As a  breathing coach, you will learn how to identify and handle unconscious patterns that show up in the body and the breathing.




Rebirthing deep breath
In the first part of your training, you will go through your own rebirthing process ideally with a same-sex Rebirther. 
You begin to heal your own birth script (patterns originating from your birth -  womb, delivery, and nourishment)

through ten sessions with a Rebirther. The second part of your training includes another ten sessions with an opposite sex rebirther. You experience giving and receiving, both dry and wet (hot and cold water) rebirthing in class. You will learn about  the dynamics of relationships - parental, sibling, family sexuality, partners, helplessness, struggle, guilt, forgiveness and most of all, with the Divine. You learn about creative thought, about your personal lie, self-analysis, unraveling the death urge, and affirmations. 

Rebirthing Certification is given upon completion.

Call  314 644-5223  for upcoming Rebirthing trainings.
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