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Tarot Readings:


Depending on your particular need, I choose a specific layout. ​As I lay out the tarot cards, different parts of the cards' pictures appear to  "light up" and images appear to me as I place them. I am guided to share personal insights on your life's path, its past influences, your present situation and future probabilities depending upon the placement of cards. Once I read the basic layout of the cards, I go further into your reading and address your specific questions and concerns. 

Clairvoyant Tarot Reading. Angel in a Namaste pose.

Each reading begins with meditation and affirmative prayer, surrounding us with bright white light and calling on angels, spirit guides, ascended masters and teachers of the highest  order, through Divine Light and Love.


During a reading, I use the Tarot and my intuitive skills to support you. As a clairvoyant (clear seeing), I see what is currently happening, what possibilities are coming and what lies behind the scenes through visions in the form of pictures.  As a clairsentient/empath (clear feeling), I sense energy through strong feelings and emotional energy. As a clairaudient (clear hearing), I hear messages in my mind. As as a claircognizant (clear knowing), I know and sense emphatically when information coming to me is absolutely correct and accurate.

How do I experience these feelings, sounds, visions and messages?

Energy vibrations run like a lattice-work through everyone and everything.  These vibrations are communicated by spiritual guides, then through me, as a clairvoyant and healer as I feel, hear, "see" or know from these energy realms. These vibrations are comparable to tuning into a radio frequency, I just need to tune in to these frequencies. However, a radio will only tune into a limited amount of "stations" and frequencies.  So when I raise my frequency to connect with Divine Light and Love I can tune into infinite "stations" and frequencies.


Whatever information may come through my skills, it is Divinely guided, specially for you.

I experience great joy and gratitude to be able to support you on  your life's path, whether it be relationships, finance, business, health, travel and/or spiritual growth and development.

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